defying teleology in the anthropocene


Jane Calderbank studies anthropology at Reed College.

Reflecting on her experiences transitioning from a student of STEM to a student of anthropology, her approach explores how identity and chosen discipline coalesce to privilege certain modes of knowledge creation over others. She focuses on epistemological discrepancies between environmentally-centered disciplines to dissect climate change discourse. In interviews with scholars of queer & feminist theory, natural science, and social science, Calderbank interrogates the organizational lexicons of each discipline in order to situate intellectual responses to climate change. Her epistemological examination reveals the prevailing capitalist and colonialist attitudes in the academy and their ramifications on environmental politics.

As a poet, Calderbank transformed her findings into ethnographic poetry to empower alternate conceptions of being, space, and knowledge.

Calderbank’s interview with The Daily

Jane’s work is supported by the University of Washington EarthLab, formerly the Center for Creative Conservation.


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